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“Dive into Lembeh” is nestled in Kasawari bay and has its own resort, located on the main land of the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia - a true macro photographer’s paradise- just off the north east coast of Sulawesi and is famous for it's “muck diving” on black volcanic sand. The resort is located at the northern end of the Strait out of sight of Bitung harbor in the south, offering unspoiled views of Lembeh Island.

Muck diving is all about spotting weird and wonderful underwater critters, species that you would normally not find during a regular dive.

Diving in the Lembeh Strait means you are diving with a guide who is trained to show you species such as Frog Fish, Hairy Frog Fish, Mimic Octopus, Blue Ringed Octopus, Banded Sea Snake, Mandarin Fish, Orangutan Crabs, Mantis Shrimps and many other critters that are hiding on the black volcanic sand, amongst patches of rubble and coral.

“Dive into Lembeh” has nine sea view private bungalows -all in the same category.

All of our rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning, ceiling fan, mini bar, safe and a five gallon water dispenser for hot and cold water, a private Japanese style stone hot tub and the best thing is, we have two of the most famous dive sites in Lembeh (called “Hairball and Aw Shucks”) as a house reef!

We also have an open air restaurant and bar, sea view fire pit area with comfy chairs to hang out and swap diving stories in the evenings, a swimming pool and our fully equipped divecenter with spacious camera room.

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Location is everything

Posted on Aug 24 by

One of the best perks of our location here at Dive into Lembeh is that we are straddling 2 great dive sites. Walk in off our beach and you have access to great muck and coral...

Dive Into Lembeh

Dive Into Lembeh

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