Location is Everything

One of the best perks of our location here at Dive into Lembeh is that we are straddling 2 great dive sites. Walk in off our beach and you have access to great muck and coral diving. Hairball 1-3 and Aw shucks are both offered as complimentary House Reef dives.:-).

A couple of cool critters that can be found are the Melibi Colmani and Pontoh’s Pygmy seahorse. 

The Melibe Colmani was first spotted by the late great Neville Coleman in Komodo in 2012. Whilst looking like something out of the X files this very odd shaped Nudibranch is being spotted more and more here in the Lembeh Strait.

The Hippocampus Pontohi Is one of the smallest members of the seahorse family. They tend to be found in much shallower water than its cousin the Hippocampus Bargibanti Pygmy seahorse. Interesting little fact is that although they rarely reach more than 1.7cm in height, its head accounts for 25% for its body!