Come Ambon

Can't get enough muck diving? Want some clear water too? A little off the beaten track? Then you are in luck!

Dive Into Ambon, our wonderful sister resort is based in Ambon, part of the Maluku Archipelago

Ambon (part of the legendary spice islands) is known as one of the best muck diving destinations on the planet, with a full range of macro critters, as good as anywhere in the world, and there are no crowds.

As well as awesome macro diving in Ambon Bay there is also glorious coral, wall and wide-angle diving on the south coast. Pristine coral, no other dive boats, it’s a dream come true. We dive more dive sites than any other operator in Maluku.

Dive Into Ambon is perfectly placed to take advantage of both types of diving. We dive both sides from our wonderful central location in Baguala Bay, based at Ambon’s best boutique hotel, Maluku Resort & Spa. On our big covered boats, equipped with hot water, charging stations, toilets, sun deck and much more, we take you to some of the most incredible dive sites in Indonesia, all at an unparalleled level of comfort.

After diving relax by our pool, unwind with a marvelous massage at our spa and enjoy the stunning sunsets....

We operate with the same philosophy: first class service, owned and run by super experienced pros, designed by divers for divers....

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