The Lembeh Strait has long been established as one of the best macro diving spots on the planet. Although famous for its “muck diving “ on black volcanic slopes the area also boasts some wonderful coral dive sites ( including our housereef ).

We schedule 3 day dives per day on our twin engine fiberglass dive boats to a choice of more than 60 dive spots in the Lembeh Strait. After every dive the boats return back to the resort so you can enjoy your surface interval by the swimming pool or make any adjustments to your camera before your next dive.

A night dive by boat is available daily, providing we have a minimum of two people.

If you have booked a diving package (starting from four nights with three days diving), then we offer free access to our two world famous house reef dive sites (“Hairball” and “Aw Shucks”) from 07:30 AM – 18.00 PM.

Our fully equipped dive center has a spacious camera room and dedicated camera rinse tanks. There is also a guest dive gear locker room, with gear rinse tanks and showers for after the dive. Our dive guides are trained in camera handling and are specialised in working in Lembeh’s unique underwater environment.


All the videos below were taken in Lembeh. Unfortunately you cannot view the videos from within Indonesia, without a VPN, as Vimeo is blocked.